Neck & Face

Ear Nose and Throat doctors also take care of a number of neck and face problems.  While this site does not go into depth, there are many problems involving the neck and face that can be addressed.  Lumps and bumps, plaques and nodules, cysts and moles on the face, scalp or neck can readily be addressed.  Thyroid problems include overactive and underactive secretion of hormone or abnormal growths of the gland.  These can often be sorted out and managed depending on the exact problem.  Many people who come to see an ENT have ear pain that is not actually related to the ear itself and often relates to musculoskeletal problems in the neck and jaw.  We are also adept at evaluating problems with facial sensation or movement and eye movement; these are controlled by cranial nerves and give us a sense of a problem with the nerves or higher functions.

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