When we refer to the nose as ENT doctors, we are speaking of the form (appearance) and function (activities) of the nose.  This starts with being able to breathe through both sides of your nose.  In addition to simply moving air past your nostrils, your nose connects with your sinus cavities which help warm and moisturize air before it reaches your wind pipe (trachea).  Of course, it also has a specific role in your ability to smell, both pleasant and foul odors.   The ability to smell foul odors is protective, preventing us from exposures to things like waste or rotten food.  Allergies to pollen commonly cause nasal problems among other issues.

The appearance of the nose can be a concern because it is crooked, droopy, overly narrow or even causing functional problems.  Correction of these problems, types of plastic surgery, are termed rhinoplasty or septorhinoplasty.  Some ENT doctors perform this as part of their general practice or as an area of expertise.  If you are more concerned with the appearance of your nose than with the function of your nose, we can assess it and find you the best doctor to perform cosmetic rhinoplasty, usually a facial plastic surgeon.  Correction of functional problems can generally be dealt with right here.

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