About Us

Blue Water Ear Nose & Throat arose out of the vision of Dr. Marci Lait, a board certified Otolaryngologist, who has practiced for two decades in Massachusetts and Eastern North Carolina.  Her passion is treating patients with the care and concern she would afford her closest family and friends.  Her goal, and the goal of our staff, is to provide you with the best understanding of what is causing your symptoms and to offer you the CHOICES that most closely align with your needs.  Your history will be carefully reviewed to avoid expensive and redundant tests and treatments.  Dr. Lait has been seeking a care paradigm that goes beyond slapping a label on your problem.  Along with a number of similar clinics springing up across the country, Dr. Lait wants to help change the status quo by taking a more holistic approach to your care.

To this end, Blue Water Ear Nose & Throat has partnered with FYZICAL®, a leading provider of physical therapy services with a focus on balance treatment, dizziness and fall prevention.

Various disorders of the inner ear, central and peripheral nervous systems, eyes, spinal muscles, and feet (which all function together to maintain one’s sense of stability) may be involved individually or in combination.  The services we provide are not readily available in the region and are unique in an ENT office where the treating physician oversees your progress.  Treatment plans are designed by our Physical Therapist who has been trained at an advanced level in balance care.  Many times, office testing avoids the need for expensive imaging.  If necessary, one of the professionals may make additional recommendations to complement your personal plan.  You will find few clinicians as passionate about caring for patients with dizziness.  Our desire is that you get back to work, to the beach, on a boat, or whatever it is that you most enjoy so you can Love Your Life!!!

Mission Statement

Blue Water Ear Nose & Throat with Balance and Therapy by FYZICAL® is committed to patient centered care.  To this end, Dr. Lait and her team want to provide competent, compassionate care that starts with listening to your needs, collaborating with your desires and managing your treatment in a manner that is best suited to your unique situation.  At the completion of your visit, we want you to like us and respect us, but ultimately, we want you to TRUST us.

That should mean that:

  • You will feel comfortable sharing your story with us.
  • You will allow us access to information from your other caregivers to prevent duplication of tests that could have financial impact in addition to health consequences.
  • You will know that we will always try to serve your needs close to home but will advise you when we feel it is best for you to see a different provider or get another opinion.
  • You will feel free to ask questions and expect honest answers; as a patient, it is your RIGHT to be informed.

Our Commitment

Customer Service is extremely important to us.   An outstanding experience should start from the time you make your appointment.  We expect our staff to introduce themselves and wear a smile on the telephone.  We know your time is valuable, so we have enabled online appointments right on our home page.  Whether you have to get to work, to family, or to the beach; whether you live here year-round, seasonally, or are here only briefly on vacation, we will do our best to be available to suit your needs.

Our hope is that availability of online forms will simplify and expedite the check in process.  In addition, this provides a contact-free experience that is privacy secured and minimizes total time in our office for your safety.  You can fill them out in the comfort of your living room and return them securely online from a computer or smart phone prior to your appointment.  This will allow us to have your information available when you walk in the door.  When this is not possible, our staff will help you over the phone.

While it is our desire to see you in a timely manner, we treat each person individually.  This necessarily means that some appointments will run short and others long.  It is our desire to keep you informed of any delays and want you to know that we will never shorten your visit as a result of an earlier delay.

Blue Water ENT is proud to be a member of The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce.



Offering treatments for problems involving the ear nose and throat to clients of all ages.


  • Medical management
  • Surgical management
  • Allergy testing and treatment with sublingual desensitization (shot-free)
  • In-office balloon sinuplasty (dilation of sinus openings)
  • Hearing services including hearing aid fittings and servicing
  • Custom made ear plugs for water and noise protection
  • Medical management
  • Surgical management
  • Hearing services including custom hearing aid fittings
  • Full service audiology testing
  • Comprehensive diagnostic testing for inner ear and balance problems
  • Rehabilitative therapy for dizziness, imbalance and fall prevention
  • Licensed Physical Therapist with certification in Vestibular Therapy
  • Full service audiology testing
  • Comprehensive diagnostic testing for inner ear and balance problems
  • Rehabilitative therapy for dizziness, imbalance and fall prevention as well as for other related physical ailments
  • Licensed Physical Therapist with certifications in Vestibular Therapy as well as treatment of Parkinson’s Disease and related disorders by LSVT

Ear Nose & Throat

Our goal is to offer as many ear, nose, and throat and head and neck services as possible to make us your one stop shop.

Physical Therapy

Dizziness, balance and fall prevention involve many overlapping areas.  The reason we look at it here is because the inner ear is almost as important as the brain in controlling the functions that impact our sense of where we are in space.


Now hear this!  Our audiologist will perform your hearing test which is necessary in the evaluation of your hearing as well as many other ear nose and throat complaints.

Surgery Information

Instructions and care to help provide you with the necessary information so you can heal sooner and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!


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